Saturday, February 3, 2018

For those who think you cant!!!

For those who think you can't run!!!

Running is not about physical strength, its all about mind. Especially the long run.
"The Body achieves, what the mind believes"
Start your run today. Yes now. Think that you are running. Start your run in your mind. Start visualizing that you are crossing the miles stones one by one. Visualize from the Start. Feel the pleasure of completing each miles stone. Visualize till the finish line. No negative thoughts. Run your mind through the track. Your mind should complete the run first for you to begin the run. You are half way through.
Now get physically ready for the race. Race!!! Yes it is. Its the race between your mind, body and heart. At some point in time during the run, your body says i cant, your mind slides towards your body but your heart wishes to complete the run. Chase your body with your mind and follow the heart. You will be on the finish line.

Things to do before Race: [Only based on my experience]

If your run is in the early morning,

  • Don't have a heavy dinner.
  • Take rest, but don't be lazy
  • Cut the nails in the toe if any
  • Run as much times as you can, not physically but in your mind
  • Take a deep sleep
  • Hydrate as much as possible in the night before bed
  • A lite meal / a piece of bread / an apple 2 hrs before the run
  • Use the washroom before the start
  • A must warm-up before start.
While Running:

  • Hydrate when needed, have little water, probably a 50 ml would do
  • Keep counting, how much more to run not how much you have completed. eg) If you are running a 5k, once you complete 1 km keep moving thinking only 4 more to go.
  • Try to keep your run in a same pace
  • If you feel panting [out of breath], start watching your breath which helps you to keep your breath in control.
  • One more way to forget the distance is to watch the steps of the one who is running in front of you and follow it.
  • Never stop even if you cant keep moving forward, Just jog
  • Even if you are the last person running, you are not the last. There are millions of people who are not running. You are far better than them.
  • Complete the run, Don't forget to take a snap to cherish the moment later.
Run your own Race.
Keep Running!!! Keep Smiling!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

A 10 hours driving - a new learning

It is a dream for most of the typical Indian middle class family to own a car. No matter it's a sedan or a hatchback, new or old, black or white, it's a car.
I'm not an exception. Yet I was not excited due to various reasons while owning a car.
Long Drive- it's the new trend. I wanted to experience it but with my family. Plan was set. A long drive, more than 500kms.
Haven't experienced a long drive on my own before. So thinking as if im smart I made a plan. Totally 540 kms, by any chance I can drive at a speed of 100kms/hr if so I can cover within 6 hrs.

But the reality was different. My calculations went wrong. Driving is not so easy. You can't calculate and drive until and unless you are ready to take risk.
Risk is risking the life, not only yours but also the others who are with you trusting you that you will drive safe. 
Had to drive slow,to reach safe.

Finally a happy safe drive makes a happy journey!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Challenge is not doing what you can; it's about what you can't

How good it would be if you do something you like!!
How happy it would be if you achieve something which you can't!!
How exciting it would be, if you do those with your friends!!!
Yes we did...
It was challenging... Challenges in different forms...
We five of us, Senthil, Kumar, Jansi, Jaya and myself, planned to go for a trip, a small trek...

The challenge started here...

I have never come across anyone in this world without problems... have you?  And the plan was about to be dropped. Family issues, rumors on Chief Minister, climatic conditions, etc. etc.. The enthusiastic five never wanted the plan to be dropped. The plan was to go to Nagallapuram, which is known for its unknown routes. So we arranged a guide to take us to the destination. Sunday was the D day. Saturday night the guide informed people that the routes are blocked by trees due to rainfall.  We had a collaborative talk and took a decision of trying our best to reach where we can.  The D day early morning 5 am we started our journey. The previous day we had put our efforts to understand the route where there is no route.
We reached the destination of start (ie) the starting point of trekking. No one to guide. No routes. No one else on the way to seek help. What we all had was happiness, passion and trust. With all these we started our walk. We never felt we are new to the place. Yes the Sun didn't show mercy on us. It tried it's best to drain us down but it couldn't. We had a strong defense force and a technique with us . The defense force is none other than a camera and the technique is Selfie. It made us smile even in hot Sun. 2 liters of water it was empty within 15 min. We walked down the forest with no water with a hope we will reach the desired destination ie water falls. Soon after 2 hrs we reached water stream crossing point. A sense of achievement in all of us. The saying "Happiness is a journey not the destination" became true at that point of time. No energy to move on, yet we moved. Further down, farther from the water stream, climbed up and down, with the rhythm of humming insects, removed the mask (profession, education, religion, etc) and realized the true self. Listening to the nature, we walked for a while.  When you are with the nature, you can communicate with the nature, it communicates with you. The water falls with its fall directed us.  Reached the sliding falls. No words, just the feel. The journey didn't stop, yet another falls that was our destination. Little risky, which we felt only after seeing the photos of our path. A space for a  Hallux (big toe) and if you slip, you will be on the rock 40 ft down. No way to escape. The thrill, the passion, the energy kept us moving.
Finally,  We were in the place we were supposed to be. I felt the saying "Happiness is a journey not the destination" was not true. Happiness is reaching the destination.  We were much happier than we expected.  We forgot ourselves and jumped into the freezing water. We enjoyed the luxury at no penny. Played with Monkeys by waving them away, running inside the water to avoid the free pedicure by those cute fishes. Oh! We forgot our lunch. We had vessels and rice to cook. Back again to primitive age of cooking, with dried leaves and sticks in the forest. Not sure if the food was soo tasty, but it was hot and yummy. With no heart we had to start back to continue our mechanical life.

Once a while running out of routine is healthy.

The challenges were not actually the challenges; they were the real catalyst of happiness. Overcoming the challenges gave the feel of happiness. It was an awesome trip filled with happiness which will be memorable forever!!!

Few tips to reach nagallapuram:

What I heard is there are different routes to reach the waterfalls at nagallapuram. Let me mention the route which we followed and was soo easy.

From Chennai, goto Uthukottai, then go towards Nagallapuram but don't go into the nagallapuram village which is on the right side. Go to pichatur (right side service road) which will be around 10 km from nagallapuram. Then take right to Arai village which will take u to the dam.

Left side below the big tree, there is parking (car / bike) paid parking rupees 60/-.

Park and walk to the right side. Climb up the small sand slide and you can see the amazing scenery. Mountain behind the dam. Then walk towards the forest. Live with the nature and explore it.

Comment if u need any clarification, will try my best to help you out.
(Will post pics soon)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My autobiography "How not to Live"

I always wanted to write about my life as a book but it's not worth writing about it and it won't be useful to anyone.
But suddenly some quote strike my mind, I am not useless, I can be used as a bad example. Which gave birth to my precious book "How not to Live".
Living is easy but living good is difficult. Good can be defined only in comparison with something bad. Without me there can't be any good human. I'm bad and my life is bad but I came across many good human. They made me understand that I'm bad.
I'm gonna write about my experiences, obviously my bad experiences which anyone should avoid to live a good life..
There are few good experiences too.. you decide what is good for you and what is bad for you.. anyone can define what is good and what is bad but no one can define what is good for you and what is bad for you when it comes to your life.. you are the designer of your life..
The book "How not to Live " will be published soon or later.. hurry up and book your book!!! I'm not sure if it will be worth reading the book but if you really understood the meaning of life it will be worth living a life without doing what is not mentioned in the book..
Why are you still waiting? Book it now.. first 100 editions free.. it's gonna be the book of the millennium.. may be!!! Who knows???
See you soon!!!
Totodoin totodoin totodoin..

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lets play God ! ! !

In my opinion, everyone has some dream. To be a Scientist, to be a Doctor, to be an Engineer, to be a lawer and so on.. Very few have the dream to be God.
Thinking of God, a question arises in me. "Who is a God? What is the role of God?
May be, God is someone who creates everyone. Then who created God? Some other God?
I'm deviating from what i am supposed to say.
One of the tamil music director, in his song nicely quoted, "I am a God, since i have composed a new tune". So anyone can become a God, If we have the ability to create something new and its obvious that each one of us have that ability innate. We should tap it and prove ourselves.
God is within you. Be God.
Lets play God!!!